Stephen Williams

Watch, listen, absorb, and perpetually learn.

I have been out of the scene for about 5 years raising my daughter. She is now in school and I am very eager to get back to work.

I have been teaching myself self JavaScript. Curiosity, got the best of me and I wanted to try as much as I could. So I have made CRUD apps in Ruby on Rails, and a reddit bot in Python; just to get a taste of the differences between the languages. Lately I have been concentrated on JS, React JS, React Native, and MySQL.

I am constantly looking to learn. Learning has always been a driving force, a motivation for me. My goal right now is to find a place where I can get back to the work force, in an environment of learning and improving my code.

The Beat Box

Press corresponding letter on keyboard to play sound

A clap
S hihat
D kick
F openhat

G boom
H ride
J snare
K tom
L tink

Built with JS

Order Vs Disorder

Order wants 4 in a row, like in Tic Tac To.
Disorder wants to prevent 4 in row.
Either black or white can be used by either side to accomplish goal.

Click start.
Select color below the grid,
once selected choose where to place by clicking on grid

Click Start
New Game


Paddle game

use arrow keys; right, left, to move paddle

output here

output here

Burger Builder

Back End using firebase. A react JS app built to accept registration and log in, build a burger order and then submit delivery information

Catch of the Bay

Back End using firebase. A react JS app built to mimic an online menu. CRUD functions allow you to edit the items, availability, prices, info.

Space Marine

Not finished WIP. Making a single player game.


Not finished WIP. Multiplayer game. Using firebase as back end. This is my passion project. Using ReactJS i am exploring hooks will setting this game up. It will be a daily update game where the species the players make will eat and thrive depending. The players will be able to spend the points they accrue on enhancing current species, expanding, or creating new ones.

Ruby on Rails blog hosted on Heroku

A hosted Ruby on Rails site I made that can host blog posts, simple CRUD. Comments enabled, as well as images can be loaded up.
Looking into the Ruby on Rails documentation I put it together out of curiosity.
Rails project Blog CMS

MERN stack -tasklist- hosted on Heroku

MongoDB NodeJS backend, express middleman, React frontend
Just a simple task list hosted on heroku.
I don't recall why I don't have it on Github.
MERN stack

React Native App

React Native

React Native App I created. In hind sight I preferred the Flutter experience, Flutter felt more stable. I created this App so that me and my wife could keep track of the list of groceries and be able to tell what has been grabbed and what has not yet. The repo has screen shots.

Weather School hosted on Github

A very simple yet practical for my personal use, a weather checking app. Every morning I needed to check the weather to know how to dress my daughter for the day. So I made an easy url site I can look up with an API hooked up to a forecast site that when I check in the morning it will let me know how cold it is now, does my daughter need a sweater? How cold it will be at the middle of school 3 hours later. And what the weather will be like when I pick her up from school. Do I need an umbrella? It simplified this process by giving me 3 different 3 hour segments of forecast. Simple HTML, CSS, JS getting info from an API. simple. effective. convenient.
Weather School

Kung Fu Dice hosted on Github

Made with React JS. A kung fu dice game I built. Meant to be like a tile based kung fu match. Each tile has 2 options. When that tile is picked it round robins between players to decide what to choose based on the other players "stance" If a player shows a stance with Strike or Block options, its up to the other player to choose a stance to beat or force a draw. I strike you block I grab you strike.
Kung Fu Dice

Front End Work

Web Developer for At Home Away From Home

Oct 2018 - Oct 2019


California State University, Fullerton

American Studies

Thomas Edison State University

B.A. Liberal Arts in Jan 2020

Downey Adult School

Medical Coding / Billing

Visual Arts


Programming Languages & Tools


12 Monkeys

Future Man


Board Games